Residential Treatment Centers a Solution for Troubled Teens

Published: 10th February 2007
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A Residential Treatment Center-

Residential Treatment Centers for disturbed teenagers are similar to Specialty Boarding Schools, except they include individual and group therapy. It is not a school where children just happen to have dorm rooms and can spend the night. It is not a place where a teenager goes because he has problem staying on task or following guidelines. It is not a competence where a teenager is sent to be restricted for something he or she has done wrong.

Residential treatment center differs in many ways and the biggest difference from what we have experiential is the qualifications of the staff. A good residential treatment center will have several licensed doctors on staff.

It is a place that takes a versatile approach to attend to a large amount of problems that extend outside the classroom and into a teen's daily life with his or her family, peers, and the rest of the world. Residential treatment is grave stuff and the conclusion to place your teenager in one should never be made lightly.

Residential Treatment Centers are good for such teens-

Residential Treatment Centers are long term, typically 6 - 18 months. They are most suitable for teens that need long term help. These centers are normally designed to house, treat, and educate teenager whose problems are severe enough that they require an atmosphere that is supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Residential Treatment Centers are not for all

Residential Treatment Centers may not be suitable for teenagers that have only judicious problems. There are also centers that works with less disturbed teens, while still offering a therapeutic approach.

Residential Treatment Centers are good for Behavior Modification

Residential Treatment Centers are long term and contain therapy and they give the teenager enough time to make permanent changes. In these treatment centers, communication is a main element. It makes sure that weak point or concerns in any one area are addressed and maintain in the other areas.

Residential Treatment Centers are not just as a fancy school

Some parents think a residential treatment center works as a boarding school. On more than one occasion, this was a detriment to their teenager as the parents were unwilling to accept that their adolescent needs different surroundings, one that does not have such a high level of harshness or supervision.

Residential Treatment Centers are more costly than Boarding Schools because they include therapy also. The costs range among $4,000 to $11,000 per month. They (Staff) don't want to see your teenager there if he or she doesn't need to be there that doesn't help anyone.

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